Ldpe Films

Shrink wrap is a low density polyethylene film made from fractional melt resin and other additives. Protective Products Shrink Wrap is available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses and colors to meet a variety of needs.

Heat shrink films for packaging are films belonging to a class of plastics known as thermoplastic. They soften and melt when heated. The long polymer molecules in heat shrink films are in a tangled up configuration. When the film is made, it is stretched while hot, which lengthens the molecules. They stay frozen when the film is cooled. Again, when enough heat is applied, they freely move and go back to the tangled state, and thus get shorter, shrinking the film.

Shrink-wrapping is a simple, attractive and inexpensive packaging solution. It displays and protects the product, is clean and tamper evident. Shrink-wrapping is an investment in the appearance and appeal of any product.

They are tough, durable and highly versatile. Impact is perfect for a wide range of applications. They offer superior clarity, gloss, and sheen and are puncture resistant. They are capable of using a wide range of materials.

Shrink bands are applied over parts of packages for tamper resistance or labels. It can also combine two packages or parts.

We manufacture the finest quality shrink wrap which offers high grade protection to the product and also help to enhance overall appearance along with adding a distinctive look and style. Shrink wrap can easily be applied on objects of different shapes and sizes due to its ability of acquiring the exact shape. These are known for their superior usage and manufacturing technique, which make them popular with number of industrial applications.